söndag 10 mars 2013


Ljuvligt väder i helgen ! Man njuter.. Sol .
Har ridit min lilla bruna häst  men nu har han fått ta en liten viloperiod. Varit tillsammans med kärleken. Haft det skönt.

All the rags are old...

Ciabata with Serrano ham and a big cafe latte´...

A weekend in glourious weather ! Sunshine .
Have been riding my little "horsie" but now he has a little resting period.
Spent time with my Lover Boy . Has had a nice time...


4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm wearing a scarf with stars on it today! Snap!
    Sunshine and snow makes a lovely combination.Love that shirt! XXX

  2. Hooray for sunshine! You and the man look cool and I do like that handsome black Lab! x

  3. Men som han trånar efter dig ... hunden alltså.

  4. oh yeah we had sunshine too;) you and your man look so good!
    love and kiss,mary