lördag 27 december 2014

Christmas dresses...

Jaha ja .. då var julen förbi. En skön jul , lungt och trevligt som det ska vara på en jul . God mat och dryck tillsammans med familj .
En magisk ridtur i underbar vintersol -10 grader kallt och orörd pudersnö i skogen tillhör också en av höjdpunkterna !

Well then , this christmas has passed , nice and quiet like it should be on a christmas . Great food together with family and loved ones´s.
A magical horseback ride in glowing wintersun - 10 degree´s celcius and untouched snow in the woods was one of the highlights !

Its snowing ... wearing a brown wool blended dress from e- bay .

Christmas eve dress ! Can can girl - also from e-bay .

A lbd from a store in Stockholm , but as you know black is hard get a great pic of !

Home made saffron and white chocolat cake with coffe Calypso ( - rum and caluha )

A gift from my mother in law - a great vintage fur ! No im sorry its not a faux but the sheep has been dead for 30 years and why waste it !?
I LOVE it and its going to keep me warm for many many years to come .

Love to you all out there !


måndag 22 december 2014

To you all ....

                                                   Carina .

söndag 14 december 2014

Party time ...

Vi åkte till Stockholm för en helg med god mat och dryck i vänners goda umgänge.  Julbord i gamla stan och ett antal stop för dryckes intag . Supertrevligt ! En fin klänning inhandlades även på Beyond retro .

We took a weekend in Stockholm and spent it with friends . Cristmas food in the "old town" and a lots of pit stops for beverages along the way . So great !
A great old dress was also bought . Of course .