tisdag 26 februari 2013


Som alla andra "vanliga" mäniskor så måste man åka och jobba i bland. Fast det var en annan dag. Då jag såg ut så här .

Idag så är jag ledig och har varit på gymet som så många andra dagar, ska snart iväg till lilla hästen för en ridtur och en prommenad i skogen med hunden. En vanlig dag .

The very trendy and hip millitary jacket was bought on a trip to Estonia five years ago. The sweater is old and so are my jeans.

Just like most ordinary people i had to go to work , but that was antother day , a day when i looked like this.
Today i´m free from work and has as such many other days been to the gym and will soon be getting of to my little "horsie" for a ride and doggy walk in the woods.
Just an ordinary day.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Vad fiffigt det skulle vara om ledighet/jobbardagar bytte i antal liksom.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful day off, you look gorgeous. x

  3. You are anything but ordinary dear Carina- I'm glad you got a day off, and it warms my heart to see touches of fun in your day-off attire: I love the leopard top and the gorgeous orange sweater. Muahz!

  4. Enjoy your freedom, dear Carina.