onsdag 6 februari 2013

Ice ice baby...

Eller snö snö ...
Är det inte nog med snö snart ? Trött på det här. Känns inte kul - vi har tyydligen mer snö här än vad dom har längre norrut i landet.
Tog en sväng till byn idag i alla fall , fast jag handlade bara vitaminer till hästen. Men man fick ta lite finare kläder än stall kläderna i alla fall.

My new "hoodie " !

Snow snow ... It shoud be really ! Aint it enough soon? Sick and tired of all this snow. We have moore sow here than up north and that is quite unusall. Well -  took a trip to the "village " today for some shopping but i only bought some vitamins for my horse..
Girls ! - do you have any suggestions how to wear and match my new "hoodie " ?


3 kommentarer:

  1. It is snowing a lot in the north of Spain too.
    WE have milder weather.
    looking gorgeous, Carina

  2. We've got more on the way....I hate it! Still, I can look at how fabulously stylish you look in your cape and boots and get inspiration. xxx

  3. So much snow - it must be a pain but it is so beautiful! That hooded cape is so fabularse - I would never take it off!

    Sarah xxx