torsdag 14 mars 2013

Off and away...

Jag satte mig på tåget, åkte i 3,40 timmar genom ett mycket vackert snöigt soligt svenskt landskap . Framme i Stockholm så checkar vi in i ett mycket trevligt rum , ostbricka på bordet.  En mycket god middag har vi sen ätit och njutit av .I morgon så blir det lite shopping och mer god mat och dryck !

I went by train trough a very beatiful snowy sunshiny Swedish landscape , it took 3,40 hours and i listned to music . When we arrived in Stockholm we checked in  a very nice hotel room , a cheese plate  on the table .  Then we had a very nice supper . Tomorrow - well some shopping and moore good food and drinks!

c . 

3 kommentarer:

  1. Amor,
    You look lovely in the snow.
    Red totally is your color.
    The weather has been so hot here.

  2. What a lovely picture you've just conjured up! Have a fantastic time in Stockholm! x

  3. oh enjoy your getaway darling! lovin the pops of red in your look! in summer i hopefully come to sweden too;)
    love and kiss,mary