lördag 2 mars 2013

And then the winter shows up again...

I morse när vi vaknade så var det snöstorm ute . Kul . Eller nej .
Vi beslutade oss för en liten bil tur.  Jag tog gladeligen på mig min gröna klänning igen !

En lunch date med svåger och lite bokrea hann vi med. Köpte bla dessa fina böcker.

Pure love !  

Sen åkte vi hem igen för jag skulle ta mig en tur på den här fina lilla hästen !

This morning when we voke up its was snowstorm outside - again. Fun ?- no not so much.
We decided to take a little trip. So i happily put my green dress on agagin .
We had a lunch date with the brother in law and visited the anual booksale . Bought these two fine books.
Then we went back home again because i had to take a little tour on my cute little horse !


6 kommentarer:

  1. Boo to snow but hooray for you looking fabulous in maxi length and leopard print and your handsome horse! xxx

  2. Klä sig i färg och ge vintern fingret! Det är melodin!

  3. Oh that horse is so beautiful! Yay for books - can we see the tattoo one please??

    Sarah xxx

  4. I bet the snow melted when you appear in that gorgeous attire, dear Carina.
    It is raining here today, about time.

  5. oooh indeed pure love! what a beautiful horse! and i love your green dress with that leoprint jacket!