onsdag 13 mars 2013

Mans best friend....

Ett plötsligt dilemma uppstår då dammsugaren går sönder !
Köpa ny - ja så klart att man måste då man delar hus med två katter och en hund. Men vilken färg ? Och vilken sort ? Äh.... Det blev en röd. Med lång sladd och en karl vid "rodret" .

A sudden dilemma arises when the appliance breaks down!

Buying a  new one  - yes, of course, you have to do that  when you share house with two cats and a dog. But what color? And what kind? Oh ...A red one . With a long cord and a fellow at the "helm".


7 kommentarer:

  1. Demonstrated like a true pro! x

  2. What a keeper, (I mean the hubby ;) and a great choice as well (I mean the vacuum....

  3. What a hunky demonstator!!!
    I hate wasting money on sensible things like appliances, but when you see it getting wielded by a lovely dude like that, well, it suddenly seems worth it! XXX

  4. Oooh, a hot dude, with good hair and vacuum - he's a DREAM!!

    Sarah xxx

  5. Lovely post, men can be so good in housekeeping, definitely your husband is a glorious sight with that new hoover, he made my morning!

  6. Fabulous, lol.
    My husband is also the master of the vacum, hehehehhe.