fredag 29 mars 2013

Same same but different...

Oki - en hit skall upprepas ! Och jag trivs i dennna klänning. Ett dilemma med en del av mina fina klänningar är att dragkedjan sitter i ryggen och då har jag svårt att använda dom när jag ska på jobbet tex ,ingen som hjälper mig där... men den här har knappar fram.

Ok - if its a hit you should repeat it !  And i felt very comfy in this dress .A dilemma is that on many of my pretty dresses the zipper is in the back and then its hard to wear them when i´m going to work. No helping hands...but this one has buttons in the front.

The same dress but different styling - a burgundy sweater, biker leather jacket , biker boots and a green bag - nothing is new. Even the dog is old - my darling flat coated retriver Britta .


8 kommentarer:

  1. so much snow there!!! well the same here:( at least you have sunshine! i love your skirt and the bag and of course the dog;)
    happy easter lovely!

  2. Definitely a hit, you look fabulous - as usual! xxx

  3. I love that frock, as you know!!
    O, I know what you mean about needing help with a back zip! I sometimes twist myself into knots trying to zip up a frock! Buttons in front are most sensible! XXX

  4. I love to style dresses in different ways,too.Both you and your loved dog look beautiful in the middle of the snowy landscape.I so like your boots ,too, True biker's style.Have a nice weekend,keep warm!

  5. Can't wait to see your pink blonde hair.

  6. Best skirt ever.
    I also want to see your pink hair.