tisdag 26 mars 2013

Some shopping ?

Ja - så klart så handlade jag lite i Stockholm !  Men bara lite. Tycker att priserna har gått upp fruktansvärt mycket - tråkigt för oss som gillar att fynda. Men som sagt två små fynd vart det i allla fall.

Yes of course i did some shopping in Stockholm ! But not much, seems like the prices has gone up - sad for us who likes to make a bargain. But  two small gems there was for me anyway .

This little cotton frock i can see myself wearing in summer time with a denim jacket and white Chuck Taylors..

This is probably an 80´ s dress with a touch of 40´s look , suits my body and give a good shape.. A perfect dress to have on travells though it wont wrinkle.


4 kommentarer:

  1. They are both gorgeous! Love the top one and know how fabulous you look in green so can see you rocking the other one! x

  2. What beautiful dresses. When we will see, clothes for you?

  3. Lovely, lovely frocks, most especially that blue one! Can't wait to see you wearing them in the Swedish Spring! XXX

  4. Oh the magic world of shopping. I have almost forget it.The blue dress seems to be perfect for summer and I look forward to see the green one on you.