tisdag 5 mars 2013

Tattoo art...

The lovely Sarah http://www.misfitsvintage.com/ wanted to see moore about my new tattooo book.
So here it is ! A few pics from the book wich has so many beatiful images ....
What do you guys think about Tattos ? Do you have any ? The pic in the bottom is one of mine - the only photo i could  find- but i do have two moore on my other arm and i want moore ink !

This is one of my favorites... So gorgeous ! When i turn 50 ! - i want i backpiece for b-day gift !!

This one is mine !

6 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, aren't they gorgeous! If only I was a rich girl. x

  2. WOW, thats' an awesome book with terrific examples of great artwork! Your's is a rather fabulous tattoo, darling! Love the swallow especially.
    Yes, I ahve a few atttoos. Love 'em! XXX

  3. i love tattoos! definitely have to get one, but still don´t know where and what exactly, when i was younger i wanted some ancient egyptian symbols on the neck, because i studied archeology then, well i didn´t had the nuts to make it on the neck as they told me it hurts like hell.
    but yours look really really great darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  4. Wonderful indeed, Carina.

  5. Gorgeous tat!!