tisdag 15 oktober 2013

The snow is comming....

Dom säger att det ska snöa snart... Vinter.... Brr.... Man får njuta av det vackra så länge och med det menar jag höst trädet och dess färger.
Jag tar på en mössa och far till stallet .

They say that the snow is comming soon... Winter ... Cold...  In the mean time one have to enjoy the beatiful autumn colours of the trees. Me - well i put a warm "beanie " om my head and go to my little horsie "


7 kommentarer:

  1. Brrrrrr! We've got frost forecast for tomorrow night but no snow...yet!
    Looking beautiful in your beanie. xxx

  2. Yep, getting chilly here too, I've already had my hat and gloves on! Gorgeous autumn leaves, and that's a cute beanie! xxx

  3. I love the colors of autumn but too bad it brings such a chill with it. Love the skulls on that beanie! xxoo

  4. Snööööööö Gud så mysigt!

  5. We've been having a second taste of Winter down here, although it's supposed to be Spring!
    Time to get all your warm things out, and prepare, I guess! XXX

  6. Snow? I haven´t seen snow for years, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    It would be nice to swap for a time.

  7. oh my fucking god you really have already snow there? argh then it will come soon to us too! :( i love your skulls beanie!