fredag 25 oktober 2013

A day in a hat...

Nu är det äntligen helg igen ! Yeah baby yeah ! I morgon så ska jag till stallet och sen bara mysa med min lilla hund , Lover Boy ska till sin bror och ha "killlträff " jag kanske köper lite godis och kryper upp i soffan...
På söndag så är det valpträff med alla valpar från kenneln detta år - roligt ! Fint väder igen , lite blåsigt men helt ok . Ni då ?

Finally weekend again ! Yeah baby yeah !  Tomorrow im just going to my little horse and then just cuddle up in the sofa with some candy.. Lover Boy is going to his brother for a "mandate" with the boys . On sunday its time for a puppy meet up with all the pups from this year . Fun that they have such a date for all of us !
The weather is nice and the snow is gone - some wind but warm and nice .
What about your plans ?

I love these pants ! So comfy... The hat was bought in Stockholm and the scarf is gift from my mother ! The rest is old.


7 kommentarer:

  1. A weekend spent with animals sounds pretty cool to me! Enjoy the pup meet up, how fun! Your jacket is bad ass! My plans include.....nothing! That is the plan.
    Lots of love

  2. Back in black and looking fabulous! Your gorgeous pup matches too.
    Girls' night tonight, possibly a vintage fair tomorrow, definitely lots of eating and drinking - that's my weekend! Hope your is a good one, Carina. xxx

  3. I like the look with the hat. The scarf and boots are gorgeous.

  4. You and the pup are rocking the head to toe black! Your weekend sounds like fun, hope it's going well so far.
    We're recovering from last night's drunken night out , staying in tonight and selling at a vintage fair tomorrow, hoping that the terrible storm we have forecast doesn't happen! xxx

  5. what a cool and rockin look! i love those pants on you! and the jacket and the hat too;)
    happy halloween!

  6. You sure know how to make simple clothes look cool. The pants look so comfy, and the boots are fantastic!