måndag 21 oktober 2013

The weekend...

Vi passade på att tillbringa en helg i Stockholm , vi bara hade skönt och vandrade omkring i det fina vädret . Åt god mat och drack gott . Mysigt..

We took the chance to spend a weekend in Stockholm , we just walked around enjoying the lovely weather . We ate some good food and had some drinks... Cosy..

A liitle black dress wich has been in my closet for years but never been used before ! I wonder why ? I love it !

My darling - Lover Boy .
Me in some alley in the old town .

Me and a warming coffe drink at the pub .

My shopping !
A fake fur collar  - a second hand bargain with store tags still on it .
A dress i found at the red cross store .
A picture frame wich i bought at a flea market in the old town .
A cardigan wich i bought retail but on a 75 % sale and a hat  .


7 kommentarer:

  1. You look beautiful sipping on your drink, it's lovely to see your pretty face close up! I love your black dress and your buys look fab! Glad you had a good time. x

  2. Fantastic Carina.

  3. ooooh what a beautiful dress and cardigan. lovin the look!! what a nice shot of you sipping the coffee! pretty woman!!

  4. OMG I love you in that frock and cardigan!
    Hurrah for lovely drinkies on the weekend! XXX

  5. Sounds like my sort of weekend - just ambling and chatting and eating and drinking and shopping! It's always good to see your Lover Boy, and the pic of you in the pub is beautiful.
    Why on earth haven't you worn that black dress before? It looks amazing on you! xxxx

  6. You need to wear that dress more its beautiful on you and the heart cardigan I am in love with! Great photo of you sipping on your warm drink! All your stash is so colorful!