måndag 6 maj 2013


Stora data problem gör att jag inte kan visa några bilder från Prag just nu. Men jag kan starkt rekomendera er att åka dit ! Underbar stad med massor att se , billig och god mat samt öl . Trevliga mäniskor även om domär ganska dåliga på engelska . Rätt bra shopping.... Vintage kläder finns knappt , bara second hand men det finns rätt bra second hand kläder - dom gillar märkes kläder. på bilderna ser ni mina nya sneakers som kostade ca 70 kronor . Jeans jackan var lite dyrare men uppsydd och designad i Tjeckien av killen som rådde om butiken .
Vi tänker definitivt åka dit igen ! Så mycket kvar att se...

Big computer trouble right now and i cant upload any  pics from Prauge .Sorry. But i strongly recomend you to visit the beatiful city of Prauge ! Lots of things and places to se , cheap and delicious food and beer. Nice people even though they speak very porly english (a lot worse than me ;) ) Pretty good shopping but vintage barely exicst - but second hand do ! Pretty good labels on that .
On the picture you can see my new sneakers that cost me about 7 euros . The denim jacket was a bit moore expensive but designed by the guy who owned the shop and made in the country.
We are ´going back there for sure .....
This dress has been hanging in my closet for a while now but i remade it a bit..Cut the hem a bit and cut its arms of - but that you ´cant se.


8 kommentarer:

  1. Such a cute jacket! Your trip sounds fun!
    Becky :)

  2. Oh that's a shame, I was looking forward to drooling over the beauty of Prague...
    Never mind, we get to see you rocking that great dress and your new jacket and sneakers instead! Great tights too. xxxx

  3. Fabulous combination, and gorgeous dress.Do not worry you will show us the photos soon.

  4. You look fantastic, I love that skirt & the cool jacket! I'm looking forward to your Prague photos when you get the computer sorted out! xxx

  5. Vad sägs om den här - har varit i Prag två ggr och druckit noll ÖL!

  6. A cutie of outfit. I love your skirt and your socks.

  7. Too bad about the computer woes- you do however look fabulous in the sun!

  8. EEk, love the dress! i may need your help with a sewing project.
    i have a dress that fits perfectly, except the boob area is way too tight. I need to sew a piece in there to enlarge the top. not sure where to start!