måndag 7 april 2014

Baby has got new shoes... again...

Jorå , nya skor igen. Hittade dessa på tradera och lyckades köpa dom för ett lagomt pris . Dessutom så var dom helt nya .  Lycklig.
Jo jag blir lycklig av fina skor... Ytlig - javisst !
Sedan är det ju så att min onda tåled mår mycket bra av sådan "förståndiga " skor är ju liksom extra bra . Klackar är något som jag får glömma så.

Yeah , new shoes again. I did find these on e-bay and managed to buy them for a resonable price - far below retail and they were brand new . Happy . And yes new shoes makes me happy... Shallow ?  Oh yes.
And when my bad and hurting toe joint is feeling much better in such resonable shoes - thats an extra treat !  High heels is no moore for me....

Doc´s .. gotta love them...


5 kommentarer:

  1. You deserve them - they rock! Can't wait to see them on your feet! xxx

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I had a pair just like 'em. Hope to see them tomorrow for #shoeshine! -Bella

  3. These are killer honey! You and I have the best and the same taste in shoes. I would wear these with all my dresses. Here is to a bit of retail therapy!

  4. They are so cool! Nothing shallow about buying some stylish shoes that don't hurt your feet - we all have to have shoes, so why not buy fabulous ones? xxxx