söndag 8 september 2013

Weekend outfits....

Helgen har passerat i en flygande fart ... I morgon är det dax för lite jobb igen. Värmebölja har det varit - ljuvligt.
Lover boy ser bra ut i sin snygga randiga t- shirt , tror han köpte den i Prag . Jag - jo jag hittade ett par jeans i min egen garderob som jag gillar .Klänningen har ni sett förr.

This weekend has gone by quickly  ... Tomorrow its back to work .
We have had a very warm a sunny weekend - nice .
Lover Boy is looking good in his new striped t shirt - think he bought it in prauge.
Me - well i found a pair of old jeans in my closet wich i was glad for and the dress you have seen before.


7 kommentarer:

  1. Hello! I live in England, and when I found your blog, I thought, "that's the way I want my hair to look." The style, I mean. The colour I will have to keep as my own.

    My grandparents were from Sweden, but unfortunately, no one taught me Swedish as a child, living in Canada. My father was Norwegian, but he didn't teach me Norwegain either. So, here I am: an English speaker in England.

    Love your outfits!

    Cheers from England,
    Rosemary from

  2. I knew you would like that Swedish flag on the table!!
    Love that forck, love the sunshine and Lover Boy looks SEXY! XXX

  3. Ooh, we get to see Lover Boy, and he's a fox! You are the coolest couple! xxxx

  4. You are such a cool pair! I love The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. xxx

  5. You both rock it.
    Loving every single thing.
    Love and sunshine to you two.

  6. Jamén kolla va ... så heta där på er täppa. Och BRMC -Yes!

  7. lover boy has as great taste in style as you, his shirt is really cool! and i adore your dress!!!!