torsdag 5 september 2013

I´m a denim lover...

Jag älskar mina jeans. Det är jag förmodligen inte helt ensam om att göra, eller rättare sagt du kanske älskar dina jeans inte mina ..
Nåja . Ett älskat plagg av många , andra använder inte alls jeans.
Bäst blir det när man får mixa med en galen färgglad second hand top och färgglada skor !

I do love my jeans , I´m not alone to do so, ore maybee you love your own jeans rather then mine ...
Well . Jeans are beloved by many - others dont use them at all.
The best mix i think you get like this with a crazy colourful second hand top and some nice shoes !


7 kommentarer:

  1. Looking good, my friend! Love the print on that top, and the Docs are fabulous! xxxx

  2. I love you in your jeans! That top is gorgeous, the Docs rock and the pup is adorable! xxxx

  3. I am so sad - my old lady skin has decided that denim is too rough - but I have found Rohan jeans that look like denim but are softer. It does limit style though!!!

    Great boots, just got myself some new biker boots - bring the winter on!

  4. Jag skulle använda jeans om det inte vore för min tre kilometer långa rumpa.

  5. You look rocking! This is totally how I would wear my jeans! Love all the color!

  6. you look gorgeous!! so excited to find you over here!! ooo come join in my shiny t tuesday linkup my lovely blog world friend xxxx