tisdag 4 juni 2013

Questions and answers - Liebster award!

Got this fine award from :
1. Who was your first love and how old were you?
My first love...Well i think i was 7 years old and his name was Dante, he was a brown little pony....
oh the first time i met him I was stuck , stuck in the wonderful world of horses. Dante made me bite the dust several times but i did not care - i was in love.

2.What trait at other people annoys you?
 Judgemental know it all bull shittalkers that can´t stay true to their own words.

3.The most beautiful person on earth?
The most beatiful person in the world are of course my own Lover Boy ! He puts up with a lot .. And let me remind you of that true beaty comes from the in inside !
4. When you were a child, what did you think you would be as an adult?
I think it was a veterinary or something else to do with animals.

5. If you could change one law in your country – what law?
I would have stricter penalties for animal abuse !!
Makes me so angry when people are cruel to animals..

6. Which is the best song ever?
Tough one.. but one song  i do love is Lullaby by the Cure but Love will tear us apart with Joy Division is so great and i really cant say who is the greatest - so much great music out there!

7. Which actor is most overrated?
Tom Cruise !

8. Favorite Artist?
Impossible to name one....
The Cure - mostly the old stuff. Johnossi - Swedish band . Ramones . Joy division.
Beth Ditto .And so many moore ...

9. The world's most delicious perfume?
Clean - Shower Fresh .

10. Have you been rude to anybody in the past month?
For sure !! I do have a tendensy to speak my mind and often speak befor I think...

11. A designer will make a dress for you - Who do you choose?
The swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt !
I know that im supossed to pass this on.. But my mind is tired due to dreadful cold and i dont really to whom i should pass it on to....

7 kommentarer:

  1. Now I know you love The Cure and Joy Division I love you even more! xxx

  2. ha we hava a lot of things in common! i love joy division, the cure and ramones too. and when i was a kid i wanted to become a veterinary too;) also a nice picture of your lover boy;)

  3. Great answers, and isn't your man handsome in the snow!
    Your first love, ahhhhh!
    Hope your cold gets better soon. xxxxx

  4. I'm with Curtise - great answers and my goodness your man looks lovely!!

  5. Madam - jag är mycket tillfreds med svaren.

  6. O, yes, Tom Cruise is indeed over rated!
    Great to learn some new things about you, darling! XXX