lördag 8 december 2012

All black..

Denna dag har inneburit mer snö  och mer snö - sen en ridtur ute i snön med trevligt sällskap.
En sväng på människobyn med min Lover Boy som inne höll lite shopping av div matvaror och surf platta !
Jag hade ett presentkort på Telia så det gick smidigt.
Nu ska vi dricka glögg och mysa !!
A black dress and a black cardigan , Prime boots and a flower in my hair !

And over all the black i did put some moore black - a black coat.

This saturday has had snow and moore snow on it´s schedule. And a horse back ride in moore snow  in god company of a friend.
Then we took a drive to the shopping mal for some grocery shopping and a surf tablet ! I had a gift card so it was alright !
Right now we are ging to have some Gluewine and relax..


1 kommentar:

  1. You look city chic and toasty warm in your long and lean all black coat. The boots are great too!