måndag 6 april 2015

Easter ...

Jaha , då har påsken rusat förbi .. Jobbat lite , ätit lite god mat med familjen och sånt . Använde min fina 40 tals klänning och mina nya docs i lack . Inköpta på tradera för en liten peng och med prislappen kvar .

Well easter has past and I have been working and spending time with family  . Eating good food ..  Had my pretty 40's dress on with my new shiny doc's on . Bought the shoes on ebay really cheap , with price tags and all still on . Love them and my polka dotted tights !

4 kommentarer:

  1. Polka dots with this outfit are perfect. You are truly and wonderfully visible!

  2. LOVE the 40s dress with the Docs!

  3. That dress is gorgeous, what a fit! Love those Docs, too! x

  4. A beautiful dress, and those Docs are so cool! xxx