onsdag 19 mars 2014


Vår stund i Stockholm var ett underbart avbrott i vardagen . Lover Boy var där och jobbade hela veckan och jag mötte upp på onsdag . På torsdagen när han var på ett möte så träffade jag en gammal skolkamrat och vi hade en mycket trevlig eftermiddag som avslutades med att Lover Boy mötte upp oss och vi gick och en gemensam middag .
Sen var det massor av shopping och god mat med dryck .
På lördagen så åkte vi hem till Lover Boys bror där det var chilifest ! Långkokt supergod chiligryta..
På söndag var dax för hemresa. Men underbart skönt att komma hem...

Our time in Stockholm was such a lovely break from it all . Lover Boy was there for work all week and i meet up with him on wednesday. On thursday he had a nother job meeting and  i got to spend some fun times with a old school mate of mine , then Lover boy came along again and we all went out for a delish dinner .
There was a lot of shopping and food with drinks....
On saturday we went to Lover Boys litlle brother for a chili party with a really nice chilistew .
On sunday we went back home again and it was such a great feeling to be back home again...

Chili party !

My friend Lena and me.

The  only sad part is that spring came and went , wintertime again.....


9 kommentarer:

  1. What an exciting and full social life you lead! Boo to the snow! xxx

  2. More snow? No! Oh well, it sounds as though you had a fabulous time in Stockholm, and it must be nice to come home to your animals. xxx

  3. Aah en weekend i Sthlm är allt man behöver ibland ;)

  4. oh no i can´t believe that it´s snowing again in sweden:( but i´m glad you had so much fun!

  5. I so enjoy your mentality about age and your style. I love this feeling to get backhome after having a good time.

  6. Is it still snowing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh?
    Good of you to have so much fun

  7. What a whirlwind of a trip. I love that you made time for seeing a old friend, you two look cute! I also think I'm going to steal the term lover boy from you and call Chris that, hilarious!
    Sending you some warm love

  8. Snow can not stop YOU from having a good time! I love the dress you are rocking in the top pic! You are a blooming beauty!