torsdag 22 augusti 2013

What am I doing....

Var har jag tagit vägen kanske någon undrar ? jo jag är hemma med småbarn...Eller hemma med liten valp. Tiden ägnas just nu bara åt djuren.

Where have I gone? Well im a stay at home "mom" right now! Staying at home with my puppy Svea...All of my time are being spent on my beloved animals right now. My horse and I in training to be a showjumper.
My darling girl Svea - the puppy. And my little cat Solveig. Thats it - no dresses ore shoes for a while....

6 kommentarer:

  1. Imponerad av att du vågar. Ser snyggt ut också.

  2. time spent with your animals is the best! and how adorable are your babies!

  3. Underbara djur! Är det en snäll valp eller en liten busa?

    1. Hon är en liten busa... men otroligt duktig samtidigt ! Stabilt psyke. Har lärt sig till stallhund redan.

  4. You can show us your beautiful animals instead of dresses or shoes any day, they are so gorgeous! I didn't realise you had a horse, and wow, look at your show jumping, I am impressed! xxx

  5. I saw the picture of you of Facebook. Your animals are as beautiful as you are! The photo of you jumping on your horse is magnificent! You inspire me!