söndag 25 augusti 2013

Finally Hasbeens...

Äntligen så lyckades jag köpa ett par såna här fina Hasbeens ! Har haft et gott öga till denna model lämge men dom är ju så dyra ! Ordinarie pris är typ 1900 kronor... Men Tradera levererade ett par till mig för 300 kronor ! Så gott som oanvända dessutom.

Finaly i succeded to buy me such a fine pair if Hasbeens ! I have been wanting them for a while now but they are so expensive ! The retail price are 1900 swedish kronor but e- bay came trough for me and deliverd these for 300 swedish kronor.In almost mint condition....


10 kommentarer:

  1. Oh they are great! I have looked longingly at Hasbeens and been horrified at the price, so you did well to find some on EBay which were affordable. Very cute! xxxx

  2. They look glorious, just like you, ahhhhhhhh
    Looking really glamourous. Are those apples in your tree?, ahhhhhhhhhh

  3. O, I love them!!! There is NO WAY I could afford Hasbeens; the exchange rate makes them insanely expensive down here, but how I admire them! XXX

  4. I have never heard of this brand-- are they super comfy?

    1. Swedish Hasbeens got there fame" when Sarah J Parker started to wear them , And yes they are very comfy !Very good quality and eco friendly leather to i think.

  5. I love them, you did get a bargain! x,

  6. mycket vacker;) i hope i can write you soon more in swedish;)
    my mum once had swedish hasbeens too but she gave them away to her younger sister and she still regrets it, they are to comfortable and pretty!
    love and kiss,mary

  7. Oj jävlar, snacka om FYND! :D