måndag 15 april 2013

The 80 ´s...

Den lilla muppen som sköter min garderob hade ledigt idag. Jo så var det. Vad gör man då ? Jo man tar på sig sin lilla gröna allt i ett klänning från 80 talet - inköpt för 20 kronor. Sen när man inte hittar sina svarta tights då tar man ett par med mönster på. Klart.
Om ni tittar noga på min frisyr så ser ni något ovanligt - jag är både nyklippt och tillfixad och kammad ! Händer minsann inte ofta , i morgon är mitt vanliga rufsiga jag tillbaka igen.

The little muppet who runs my wardrobe apperently had the day off. Yes indeed. What to do ? Well you put your little green all in one dress bought for 2 euros on. And then when you cant find your black tights you put a pair of colorful ones on . Done.
If yo look cloose you will see something unusal - i had my hair cut and combed and fixed ! Not often that happends ! But tommorow my old scruffy me will be back again...

Lover Boy bought me these tights !


8 kommentarer:

  1. Your hair rocks and I love those tights! Gorgeous as always! xxx

  2. I like your look, I like the color and I love the socks. You carry a very nice hairstyle.

  3. I'm glad you couldn't find the black tights these are way better!!!! The hair cut looks hot!!!!

  4. Your hair is soooo cool, and the tights are perfect! xxx

  5. Lover Boy done GOOD! I love the tights on you- love how it pops with the all black ensemble. You remind me a bit of a Swedish Krista in those tights. I see I am not the first one to ooh and ahh over your hair do. HAIR looks bewitching!

  6. i looooove your tights and those rocker boots! great look!

  7. UR awesome and take such cute photos !!!! You seem to have a secret! Great taste in the tights :)