torsdag 25 april 2013

Ordinary days...

Bara vanliga dagar  med arbete , visserligen är det vår ute - äntligen !
Funderar på vad som skall packas i resväskan , på onsdag  så sticker vi iväg till Prag !
´Tog på mig lite färgglada kläder för att muntra upp mig i dag ! Inget nytt ...

Just plain ordinary days with work , but its finally spring !
Givin my packing some serious thoughts , on wednesday next week we are going to Prauge !
Cant wait...
Put some colorful clothes on  to cheer me up today! Nothing new .. Just old rags.


9 kommentarer:

  1. Colourful and cool, that looks good to me!
    Prague is beautiful, you'll love it. xxx

  2. Ä L S K A R byxorna!!!
    Ha en mysig semester!

  3. One of my friends was in Prague today and his Facebook photos made it look gloriously sunny! You look gorgeous, love those red jeans. x

  4. I love your attitude, you look amazing both in an ultra feminine vintage dress and in a post punk casual chic outfit!I love red trousers and jeans shirts!

  5. Love that jacket with the striped shirt and tapered pants, so perfect with your haircut and glasses!! Love this whole style. Your trip sounds fun,
    Becky :)

  6. Edie's right, your style is so versatile, you look amazing dressed up to the nines in vintage or doing cool and casual! Great colours. Have fun in Prague - such a beautiful city, I loved it when I visited. xxx

  7. Släng ner den gröna klänningen och häng på jazzklubbar i Prag vettja!

  8. Great casual outfit, what not to like.But mostly I love your hair style.Bold choice but it looks so unique. Have fun in Praque and we wait for photos!

  9. Red pants + Gold chucks = GORGEOUS!

    Sarah xxx