fredag 15 maj 2015

Freeezing ....

Men vart har våren  och värmen tagit vägen ? Fryser ...  sörjer ...Därför klär jag mig i svart . Nä kanske inte . Det var nog bara praktiskt just då .

Where has spring gone to ? Where is the heat . Freezing my but of . In morning of spring and thats why i dress myself in black . No maybe not . I guess it was the first i laid my eyes on when i openend the closet .

4 kommentarer:

  1. The black is always nice, and the beautiful handkerchief and the wonderful shoes, much more. Spring is here, in Catalonia, my country, on our beaches.

  2. I know! Its vile when we've been spoilt for a few days with sunshine. You look gorgeous though, those brogues are amazing! xxx

  3. You always look fab, darling, and those shiny shoes are divine! xxx

  4. Äsch då. Snygg i svart så länge ...