tisdag 18 november 2014

Such a bad bad blogger...

Grymt dålig på att blogga numera. Så är det bara - så lite tid. Och ännu sämre på att ta några kort... Blev väääldigt få foton tagna under vår fantasiskt sköna semester... Men den var underbart skön och vi gjorde allt som man ska på en semester ! Sola , bada , äta och dricka gott !
Shopping ? Näe . Där fanns bara en sån där massa turist krafs och sånt har vi sett oss less på .

The worst blogger of them all these days, so little time. And even worse at taking photos ...There were very few photos taken during our holiday. But it was great and we did all the stuff you should do on a holiday ! we lay on the beach , we took nice baths and we had great food and drinks !
Shopping ? No ! nothing to shop but that tourist shit we have seen so many times before. But we had some great times and we relaxed ..

Me must go on a diet she said in a Yoda kind of voice...

This pic is very special... Lover Boy without shoes and  socks on a beach !

Wiev from our hotel - Amadores beach at Gran Canaria .

At night .


5 kommentarer:

  1. What a beautiful get away, that view is stunning! Its feels good to get off the computer now and then.

  2. Now that's broken up the winter for you a little! great to see you both cavorting in the sand and looking gorgeous! Diet? You're fabulous as you are! xxxx

  3. Ahh, a holiday full of sun and beaches and eating and drinking and relaxing sounds perfect! xxx

  4. Så skönt med lite semester! Fast just nu längtar jag mer efter minusgrader och snö än efter varma dagar på stranden.

  5. I wish we will able to do the same this winter
    Nothing better than sun and sand, especially in our frigid stupid weather we get here!