fredag 31 oktober 2014

Work work ....

Inget Halloween party här inte ! Nä jobba ska man . Men det är inte så synd om mig för om en vecka så åker vi till varmare breddgrader ! Längtar ...  Bakade iaf spökkakor på jobbet ! Buu !

No halloween party for me . No just work . But dont pitty me - because next week we are leaving this cold country and off we go to some sun !
Made some ghost cookies at work ! All clothes are some old stuff from the closet . 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking gorgeous in denim and tweed and very Hallowe'eny bag! Love those ghost biscuits and very excited that you're off for some sunshine - take lots of photos and have a wonderful time. xxxx

  2. Love your giant scarf! I want a ghost cookie!

  3. I see the skull on your bag, a little nod to Halloween, as well as the biscuits!
    A gorgeous layered look, though how lovely to be going somewhere warm where you won't need those layers! xxx

  4. It's only the beginning for the layers...around here in Wisconsin, USA anyway1 I LOVE your engineer boots, and whole woodsy-tweedy-layered look. But, you're off to somewhere warm? You may not want to come back until around April...tempting? Cherish the sun!