söndag 21 september 2014

4 legs ...

Oki - just nu handlar det mest om mina fyrbenta vänner . Men kul är det .
Hästen är jätte trevlig . Hunden är superduktig . Vi har tillsammans klarat av jaktprovet i nybörjarklass och är grymt stolt !

Well - right now its mostley all about the animals . But thats fun for me . The horse is so lovely . The dog is so great . We has passed our first hunting trial with flying colours and a first price ! So proud !

5 kommentarer:

  1. Oh so proud of that rosette - both of you! Lovely photo. xxx

  2. oh gosh how beautiful is your dog!!!

  3. You are so sweet with your animals, I would love to bond with my dog like this. It takes things to a whole new level right? You are both beauties, but he owns that red ribbon!

  4. He is a handsome boy, no wonder you're proud of him. xxx