fredag 21 februari 2014

Still winter...

Det har surrats om vår i söder . Inte i norrland - nää vi har vinter vi ! Snöstorm i dag .
Längtar efter värme , längtar efter sol.
Men pälsen värmer fortfarande min kropp och snön den faller .

There has been talk abot spring in the south . But not here in the north - no we still have winter !
Longing for sunshine , longing for heat .
My faux fur is still doing its job of worming me up while the snow is falling.

were suposed to show you that i was wearing my new necklace but the pics were not that great ..

Have a great weekend my lovelys " !

7 kommentarer:

  1. The necklace might be hard to see but your pretty face is front and center. It I lived where you did I would never be without my faux fur coats! Today we have fog mixed with sunshine, I'll take it!

  2. I agree with krista,m as long as we can see your gorgeous face I'm happy! I hope that snow melts soon, in the meantime rock that sexy fake fur and have a top weekend! xxx

  3. No signs of Spring for us as well, not for another month for sure!
    But it has been a little milder!
    Keep rockin that fur coat!

  4. Chic and hard core at the same time. Gorgeous. The sparrows were singing here - the best sound ever. Spring will soon be there. Hold on!

  5. oh don´t worry spring will come soon!!! here we have strange weather, this week on monday it snowed really a lot on tuesday it was still cold and then on wednesday sunshine and 12 degrees... just weird

  6. You look beautiful in all black and that fabulous faux fur against the backdrop of the snow. Stay warm, Spring will come! xxx

  7. Gorgeoussssssssssssssssss in black. The white snow is the perfect backdrop.