torsdag 12 december 2013

This week...

Denna vecka har det varit mycket att äta ! Julbord med jobbet och med Lover Boy .Proppmätt.
Snart är man less på julmaten igen.

This week its been a lot about food , christmas food. With work and wit Lover Boy . Stuffed.
Soon you are totally feed up with the christmas food !

This what a looked like when dining with work .

This is my hometyown in the evening .

this is the resaturant - very good food...

Out with Lover Boy in a flower dress ,green legs and doc´s

Nu väntar vi på att stormen Ivar ska drabba oss med orkanstyrka i byarna .

Right now we are waiting for the storm to hit us , its going to be a nasty one they say...


6 kommentarer:

  1. Your dress is stunning, I love it on you! x

  2. Christmas jumper alert! You look gorgeous, as always, love the floral print dress, and how nice to see your home town all lit up. Hope the storm isn't too bad.... xxxx

  3. oh no i´m never feed up with christmas food lol i love your fair isle christmas sweater, i have a collection of those;) and the flower dress is beautiful on you!

  4. Gillar julbordskjolen skarpt. Kaxig längd.

  5. samma sak varje år med julmaten =P Jätte fin bild över stan på kvällningen , hoppas ni hade trevligt på julbordet nr.1*****...Kram på er