fredag 12 oktober 2012

Fake fur and orange...

Det börjar bli kallt ute nu.. Pälsväst och halsduk på !
Fick tom skrapa is från bilen i morse när jag skulle åka på gymet - usch.  Men det var ljuvligt väder på eftermiddagen  då jag och hunden var på promenad .
Nu ska jag åka och hämta min käresta som kommer med tåget .
Ha en trevlig helg !

The fake fur is an old e- bay find , the scarf was bought on sale yesterday and the rest is just some old stuff..

It's getting cold out now .. Fur Vest and scarf !
I even had  to scrape ice from the car this  morning when I were  going to the gym - ugh. But it was lovely weather in the afternoon when me and the dog took  a walk.
Now I'll go and fetch my sweetheart who is coming home  by train.
Have a nice weekend !

2 kommentarer:

  1. It's cold here again too - we've had snow again in the last few days - and I was at the beach last week! Such crazy weather for October. You look lovely - I love a faux fur and the orange is fab on you. Sarah xxx

  2. Lovely post dear. :)

    Good weekend!